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Fibre & Data Network Components

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Copper Networks



Plug Terminated Links

RJ45 Plugs Boots & Security

Tooling & Testers

- Data and Fibre Optic Cables - cabinets - Patch Leads

Cat5e Cable     

Cat6 Cable 

Cat6a Cable  


Patch Leads

Modules & Jacks

Patch Panels

Cable Management  


Back Boxes  

Power Leads & PDUs

Locking Power Leads

UK Trailing Sockets

Plugs, Connectors & Adapters

Power Cable

PDU UK Horizontal

PDU UK Vertical

PDU IEC C13 Horizontal

PDU IEC C13 Vertical

POD Desktop Power

UK Mains Cables

International Mains Cables

IEC Extension Leads

LSOH Power Leads

Commando Power Leads

Fibre Optic Networks

Uniboot Patch Leads

IP67 Outdoor Fibre Patch Lead

Fibre Optic Patch Panels

MPO Fibre Cables

Fibre Optic Pigtails

Fibre Optic Couplers & Accessories

Fibre Optic Patch Leads

Minizip Patch Leads

Patch Leads

Cat5e U/UTP PVC Patch Leads

Cat5e U/UTP LSOH Patch Leads

Cat5e U/UTP PE Ext Patch Leads

Cat5e IP67 XXTREME Patch Leads

Cat6 U/UTP PVC Patch Leads

Cat6 U/UTP LSOH Patch Leads

Cat6 F/UTP (Shielded) Patch Leads

Cat6 U/UTP Xer PVC Patch Leads

Cat6 U/UTP PE Extl Patch Leads

Cat6 IP67 XXTREME Patch Leads

Cat6a S/FTP LSOH Patch Leads

Cat6a U/FTP Slim  Patch Leads

Cat6a F/FTP PE Ext Patch Leads

Cat6a IP67 XXTREME Patch Leads

Cat8 Patch Leads


Computer leads

Active Optical Cables

Audio Cables

Cisco Compatible

Digital & Analogue Adaptors

Docking Station

DVI & Display Port Cables

Ethernet Patch Leads

HDMI Cables

Serial RS232 Cables

SVGA Cables


USB Cables & Adaptors

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