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RJ45/RJ11 Premium Ratchet Crimp Tool

RJ45/RJ11 Premium Ratchet Crimp Tool

SKU: VDV226-110

This high-quality ratchet crimp tool has a black carbon steel frame with shape moulded handles.

It is an all in one VDV (Voice/Data/Video) modular plug crimping tool that also incorporates a wire stripper and cutter.

It is capable of crimping 6/8 position modular plugs (RJ11/12 and RJ45) in a parallel action providing a precise operation.

8P8C for RJ45 - 6P6C for RJ12 - 6P4C for RJ11

Strips/cuts round and flat cables, a stripping length of ½ inch and ¼ inch is available for flat cables

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